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Sabrina Stanley

Ultra Runner

Pursuing the Passion 

All I've ever wanted to do was run. Every decision I've made in life is dictated by this passion. I live where I do, because of the trails, I work where I do because of the hours that allow me to have more quality runs. My relationships with friends,  family, and partners has always revolved around my running. 

What a wonderful blessing to have found your calling in life, so early on.  Now, I want to perfect it.  I want to compete in races that challenge my skills. I want to inspire others to run. I want to surround myself with people who push and drive me to be better. Most of all I just want to live a life where I can stop in awe daily and think, " You get to do this, this is everything you've ever wanted, and it's your life" .  


Upcoming Races 

H.U.R.T. 100 January 19th, 2019

Hardrock 100 July 19th, 2019


  •  Orcas Island 50 Miler 2018 Course Record holder 10:20:12

  • Tortola Torture 54k Road Race, 1st Female, 5th overall 5:27:23

  • HURT 100 Mile Trail Run 3rd Female, 13th overall 29:45:04

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Run  2017: 5th Female 24:16:13

  • Western States Endurance 100 Mile Run  2017: 3rd Female, 21st overall 20:11:41

  • Jemez Mountain 50k 2017: 2nd Female 5:41:34

  • Sean O'Brien 100k 2017: 2nd Female 10:19:55

  • Leadville 100 Trail Run 2016: 4th Female 22:29:27

  • Bryce Canyon 50 miler 2016: 1st Female 10:02:00 

Race Results 

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